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REIKI and PRANIC HEALING are both energy healing modalities.
REIKI is a very good healing modality that has helped many people, primarily through teaching those with little or no healing experience to access healing energies to help themselves and their loved ones. According to the REIKI Masters who have attended PRANIC HEALING classes (over 500 REIKI Masters have attended PRANIC HEALING classes since 1990 in the United States alone), as well as our own observations as a teachers and healers, here are some of the major differences between PRANIC HEALING and REIKI :
1. PRANIC HEALING is a complete non touch system of healing. REIKI practitioners touch the body most of the time, but they also employ some non-touch techniques.
2. PRANIC HEALING teaches its students to "scan," or actually feel the aura, to assess areas of energetic depletion and congestion, or stagnation, which helps identify problem areas that need healing. REIKI doesn't use any energy assessment technique but relies on the intuition of the practitioner.
3. PRANIC HEALING employs a manual cleansing technique called "sweeping" to remove blockages and stagnant energies before giving fresh energy to the patient; REIKI has no comparable technique. PRANIC HEALING believes cleansing is critical to the healing process because dis¬eased energies and negative emotions have to be first removed before energizing the body to or they may manifest physically - and sometimes dramatically - through vomiting, loose bowel movement, a rash, a flu or other symptoms. Such expelling is often labeled as a "detoxification," however, it is quite uncomfortable and can be prevented with proper cleansing. In fact, cleansing alone often allows the body to quickly heal itself by permitting fresh energy to penetrate deeper into the body to be utilized as hea¬ing fuel.
4. PRANIC HEALING employs a "cook¬book" approach to healing. According to thousands of case reports gathered by the founder of PRANIC HEALING, Grandmas¬ter Choa Kok Sui, every ailment produces a unique set of energy patterns that can be identified in the energy body's 11 major chakras and numerous meridians. REIKI has essentially one energy technique - facilitat¬ing the flow of REIKI energy into whatever area needs healing - to address all health problems. PRANIC HEALING, by contrast, uses specific energetic routines of cleans¬ing and energizing that are matched to the specific patterns of energetic deficiencies caused by a particular illness. PRANIC HEALING, thus, offers a quicker, more targeted and more effective system of healing.
5. PRANIC HEALING teaches its practitioners to draw energy directly from the sun, air, ground and other spiritual sources and then project this prana into their subjects' auras. REIKI practitioners have to be "initi¬ated" by a REIKI Master and given "sym¬bols" to access the healing energies. It's simi¬lar to having to obtain a "password." PRANIC HEALING employs simple breathing and visualization exercises that allow anyone to heal immediately with mini¬mal instruction.
6. PRANIC HEALING includes a practice called "energetic hygiene" that is rarely found in any healing modality, including REIKI. Energetic hygiene is a set of practices breathing, dietary recommendations and other cleansing routines - that are designed to keep your personal energy tank clean and full. REIKI Masters attending PRANIC HEALING classes agree that en¬ergetic hygiene is one of the greatest ben¬efits of the class, particularly the techniques that enable them to cleanse themselves of contaminating energy they pick up from cli¬ents and how to prevent subjects or nega¬tive people from draining their life force. This is particularly important for not only REIKI practitioners but also other healthcare providers because these people frequently experience the pain or the ailment of their subjects become drained and tired after heal¬ing someone.
7. PRANIC HEALING employs the use of color energies that dramatically accelerate the body's innate healing abilities. In fact, many REIKI Masters often say that if they have a subject who wants immediate relief or rapid healings they use PRANIC HEALING particularly, the colored pranic techniques. But, if they have a subject who simply wants a relaxing and soothing session, they use REIKI.
In summary, both PRANIC HEALING and REIKI are excellent healing modalities and help alleviate pain and suffering. However, PRANIC HEALING gives you the tools to produce faster and more immediate results while "immunizing" you against contamination from the people you are healing. PRANIC HEALING complements any and all healing modalities.
We always tell everyone, whatever your healing technique - shamanism, Native American techniques, Chinese chi kung, REIKI, massage therapy, chiropractic, Christian laying on of hands and even traditional orthodox medicine - PRANIC HEALING will complement and enhance it. We are here together to help create health and happiness for all.

About Reiki

I am a Reiki Master as well as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I explain to clients that Reiki is channeling the universal life energy to stimulate the integration of mind/body/spirit to enhance the natural healing mechanism. Healing Touch is a curriculum which provides training in a variety of techniques to clear, align & restore balance to the human energy system through touch, it influences the body, emotions, mind & spirit. Healing Touch is a method of altering the body's energy system to influence self-healing.

The similarity between Healing Touch and Reiki is that they are both energy medicine. The difference between Healing Touch and Reiki is that in Healing Touch we have more techniques available to us for specific conditions, such as back problems. There have been a great many research studies done on Healing Touch and it's efficacy. Healing Touch is used in hospitals. As a member of Healing Touch International we have standards of practice and a code of ethics. Our certification procedures are stringent and our work is documented. When someone does a Healing Touch treatment and documents the work, another practitioner can look at the documentation and know exactly what techniques were done and how they were done. So, the difference is Healing Touch has uniform standards in training and certification; consistency in technique and documentation; more techniques available for treatment of conditions

Dr.Shalini Aggarwal
The spiritual reiki healing & training center

i want to tell about Pranic Healing

Commonly these are some of the benefits experienced by people having recieved Pranic Healing
• Increased energy levels.
• You become stronger and healthier.
• Your recovery and good health returns quickly.
• Some people leave empowered to heal themselves.
• Often easily remove aches and pains.
• Learn how you can heal your energy body and improve your wellbeing.
• Learn techniques to increase and maximize your energy every day.
• Enhance your energy and your life through the removal of old, used up energy or prana..
• Increase your own spiritual connection.
Feel better than you’ve felt in a long time.


विवाह से अब तक, हर दिन,हर रात निरंतर...............
मेरा मन न जाने क्या चाहे;
जो चाहे पूरा हो न पाए;
आशाओ का टूट जाना ही;
आँखों के सहारे झर-झर बहता जाए;
यही है विवाहित जीवन
.........................Dr,Sweet Angel


जीवन की शाम होने से पहले,
उसमे कुछ सुनहेरी यादें जोड़ने दो!
रिश्ते की रात को गहराने से पहले,
शाम को मादक बन जाने दो!
उम्र के आखिरी पडाव पर आने से पहले,,
मेरे यौवन को भी महकने दो!
अरमानो के फूलों को मुरझाने से पहले,
उनकी स्मित सुगंध मुझे लेने दो!
लोगो की भीड़ में गुमने से पहले,
अकेले में............. सिर्फ मैं और तुम;;;
हम दोनों में एक के बिछड़ने से पहेले,
साथ-साथ थोडा-सा जीवन,
जी लेने दो! अपना लो प्रियतम!

sachchai jeewan ki

सच्चाई जीवन की ;
मोती की माला टूटने परर हम झुक-झुक कर उसे समेटते है,बार-बार गिनते है की कोई मोती कम तो नहीं, पर अपने किसी का ह्रदय कितनी बार टुकड़े-टुकड़े होकर बिखर गया, इसकी किसी को परवाह नहीं. दूसरे के आंसू पोंछने को तत्पर कभी कोई नहीं सोचता की मेरे घर में मुझे सबसे अधिक प्यार करने वाला/वाली की आँखों में मेरे कारण नमी तो नहीं? क्या मेरे अपने के स्वतंत्र जीवन का मई हर पल बंधक तो नहीं?????????????????


कविता की मिट्टी की सुगंध को,
सूंघा तो अनेको बार है मैने:
पर उसमे बीज बन कर डलना
और पल्लवित होना बहुत कठिन है:
कविता के सागर की लहरों का घुमडना,
उमडना देखा तो है अक्सर:
पर उसमें डूब कर उतरने
का साहस बहुत कठिन है:
कैसी होती है कविता?
क्यों होती है कविता?
कब बन जाती है कविता?
कवि के ह्रदये की गहनतम गुफा
में प्रकाश बन पहुँचना
बहुत कठिन है.
रास्ते पर नंगे पाँवों जाती
उस विरहन को देखा तो बहुत है
पर उसके मन की असीम पीड़ा,
को समझ पाना बहुत कठिन है:
कविता के नभ के विस्तार,
को पलकें उठाकर देखा तो है हमने,
पर उस तक पहुँचती सीढ़ीयों पर,
चढ़ पाना कितना कठिन है:
कविता के झरझराते निर्झर
झरने का जल पिया तो बहुत है,
पर उसमे तिनका बन बह कर,
सरिता में मिल जाना कितना कठिन है
dr. Shaliniagam

Pita ke liye

पिता के लिए,
गुप्त जी ने लिखा था कि,
राम तुम इश्वर नहीं मानव हो क्या?
पर मैं कहती हूँ पिताश्री
तुम न्मनव नहीं इश्वर हो क्या,
सदैव सहज,मुस्कान निस्प्रहिता,
मौन,उदात्त निस्संगता से,
अपने भीतर भरे लबालब स्नेह से भरे,
इस धरती पर,संबंधो पर,
स्नेह निर्झर से बहते.
मैं जानती हूँ, आपका मौन .

Mere Apne

''मेरे अपने,
'कुछ गुमसुम से,
कुछ चुप-चुप से,
निर्निमेष शून्य में
तकते है!
अपने इसी व्यक्तित्व से
क्षण भर में ही
मोह लेते है''

mera dgar

मेरा घर,
सुबह की धूप में गुनगुनाता,
कड़कती ठण्ड में ठिठुरता मेरा घर,
सायं की लाली में सुर्मता
दोपहर की गर्मी में तपता मेरा घर!
रिमझिम फूहारो में भीगता
चाँद की चांदनी में चमचमाता मेरा घर,
ओस की बूंदों में नहाता,
इन्द्रधनुषी रंगों में रंगता मेरा घर!
सावन की बौछारों में मचलता
शीतल बयार में इतराता मेरा घर!
क्या जानू मैं स्वाग क्या है,
इन्द्र लोक का वैभव क्या है,
समस्त लोक का नैसर्गिक सुख,
देता लुटाता मेरा घर