Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dr shalini agam

Dr. Sweet Angel ....
the most lovely lady with the most attractive assets as ur physical appearance a man can't resist to see it and an aura of beauty and intelligence is created in ur personality soo much sensuous curved u hav with right amount of mass And its always a killer look present in ur personality which includes ur outfits and ur expressions Gracefully sensuous and pretty
...... .. Said by my friend... God bless him

Dr sweet Angel book launched tips and tricks for a happy life

परिंदो को नही दी जाती
तालीम उड़ानों की,
वो खुद ही तय करते है
मंजिल आसमानों की!
रखता है जो हौसला
आसमान को छूने का!
उसको नही होती परवाह गिर जाने की!"

"दुनियाँ की हर चीज ठोकर लगने से टूट जाया करती है ...
एक " कामयाबी ही है जो ठोकर खा के ही मिलती है ...