Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr.Sweet Angel Shubh Aarogyam

Dear friend,
how to reduce your blood sugar .............
 first relax your body
1-close your eyes.
2-pray to God .
3-imagine that u have already achieved ur goal. 
a- you have a perfect health....your sugar is normal.
b-visualize that your  report is in your hand & your sugar level is normal.
c-u r having a good diet .balance diet.
d- doing exercise regularly
e-whenever you r free are taking a break for work out..
& than ............Celebrate ur happyness,that u have done all the job very easily in visuals.
4-make a film & visualise that it is happining in reality.
5-10 to 15 minute dream what do u want actualy in ur life with trust &happiness
6-Throw all the negative thought from Ur life
7-flush out all the pain & faliour.
8-watch with close eyes ur success.
9-Write down with red colour pen ur ambitions {about finance & study on a white paper.
10-i  am sending u some important process about healing feel & follow all the tips which i am giving u.
God bless u.

 with regards
Shubh Aarogyam
The spiritual Reiki healing & training center
Dr.Sweet Angel

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