Saturday, June 26, 2010



Boundaries and walls are very different things. As you decide what to accept and what to reject, you learn to live feeling protected and yet free of walls.
Rather than collapse yourself into thoughts of the future, stay in the present, for considerable hard work is involved in a time for healing and transformation.
The one who wanders independent in the world, free from opinions and viewpoints, does not grasp them and enter into disputations and arguments. As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and the water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world."

The lotus flower grows in muddy water
and rises above the surface to bloom with
remarkable beauty.
Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes
the purity of heart and and mind.

The lotus flower represents long life,
health, honor and good luck.

Those are my wishes to you precious friend,

A day filled with goodness and peace to you!

dr. shailiniagam

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